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Wholesale Candle Jars in India

Candles have been in use for centuries. Beyond their functional properties, they can create a soothing ambiance and evoke a sense of tranquility.

Recently, candle jars have gained popularity as a practical and aesthetically pleasing option for candle lovers. Even though taper and pillar candles came before candle containers, it is the jar candles that have been the most popular option in the last decade or so.

Talking about candle jar, it is available in different sizes and shapes. The biggest advantage of using candle jars is safety. It provides a contained environment for the flame and prevents it from directly contacting any surrounding object. Other than that, candle vessels with lids serve as great décor items, especially the ones made of metal.

You can buy candle jars online from the manufacturer and supplier like Malacware. They have in-house production facility and offer candle jars wholesale buy. You can choose from a range of luxury candle jars for your candle making business. Read the post below to learn the benefits of using empty candle jars.

What Is A Candle Jar?

A candle jar is a container or vessel designed to hold a candle. It is typically made of glass, metal, ceramic, or other heat-resistant materials. These jars serve both functional and decorative purposes. It provides an enclosed space for the candle flame to burn while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the candle. One reputable candle jar manufacturer is Malac Import Export Pvt Ltd . Their online site is malacware.com, where you can buy wholesale candle jars.

Candle jars are available in various sizes, shapes, and designs, from simple to highly decorated. The most popular option is a round base metal candle jar. The container is made from the solid metal which golden, rose gold, silver and black matte and glossy finish, allowing candles to shine through and create soft light.

Candle jars wholesale in India offer a practical solution for candle brands. It combines safety, style, and longevity into a single package. To save more, you should opt for luxury candle jars wholesale. The price per container reduces when you purchase candle containers with lids wholesale or in bulk.

Search for “candle jars wholesale near me” on Google; the first name you will see in the search result is Malacware. It’s the best online place to buy luxury candle jars with lids.

Benefits Of Candle Jars

There’s a reason why candle lovers opt for jars for candle making. Compared to tapered or pillar candles, candle jars with lids make a better choice, and there are valid reasons for it. The main benefits of using decorative candle jars are:

  • Easy To Clean

When you place your candle in a jar, there’s no need to worry about cleaning up any mess caused by melting wax. The wax dripping from the candle gets collected inside the jar.

For instance, the wax can freely drip down if you use a pillar candle in an open-sided candlestick. This situation is less than ideal as it may harm the surface or material beneath it. 

Additionally, there’s the added concern of the burning candle being near flammable materials. Opting for a candle jar can reduce the mess and ensure your table tops remain unscathed. 

Metal jars for candle making are the most popular choice among candle makers. If you love making candles, we recommend you opt for wholesale candle containers to buy bulk-scented candles in jars and save more.

  • Provides Storage

Another big advantage of designer candle jars is their safe candle storage. You can continue burning your candle in the same jar until it gets empty.

Once the candle is burned, consider recycling the jar for various storage needs within your home. There are many ways to repurpose an empty candle jar. You can transform it into a drinking cup, use it as a makeup brush holder or pen, and more.

You should look for manufacturers and suppliers of the best candle jars to make your jar candles. One of the top choices for candle jars in India is Malacware. They are known for luxury candle jars wholesale in India and they export worldwide. Go to their website, and you will see a variety of empty candle jars.

  • Safety

Opting for unique candle jars wholesale can save you money. Plus, it also makes burning candles safe. This aspect of a candle jar with a lid is probably the best reason to ditch pillar candles.

As the name suggests, a jar candle consists of wax and a wick enclosed within a container. You can also get the candle jar empty and make your candles. 

With jar candles, there’s a reduced risk of fire. Unless a flammable material is placed directly on top of the container, there is no way it will catch fire. On the other hand, pillar candles are more prone to tipping over, potentially leading to accidental fires if they come into contact with combustible objects.

You can get high-quality candle jar wholesale online. One of the best candle jar manufacturers India is Malacware. They provide bulk candle jars at reasonable prices. If you are interested in candle making and want wholesale candle jars, we recommend you check out their website once.

  • Easy Production

Another reason for candle vessels wholesale is easy production. Jar candles are easier to make than pillar candles.

While the production cost of jar candles is slightly higher than pillar candles, they are generally more cost-effective due to their lower labor requirement.

Jar candles are much easier and less time-consuming, making them affordable. If you are also into candle making, you should opt for candle jars with lids wholesale. This way, you can buy candle containers in bulk at a reasonable price. For wholesale candle vessels and candle jars bulk, you should go to Malacware. It is a trusted supplier of wholesale candle jars and offers a range of options to choose from.

  • Length Of Burn

Typically, pillar candles have a longer burn time than jar candles due to the harder wax that allows them to maintain shape. 

However, it’s important to note that pillar candles should ideally be burned for 4 hours, as indicated on their bottom labels. On the other hand, jar candles are different from pillar candles. This is because they do not pose the risk of dropping or spilling. Therefore, you can safely burn jar candles for longer without concerns about potential accidents.

Instead of buying single pieces, you should opt for candle vessels with lids wholesale. Sites like Malacware offer empty candle jars wholesale, so you can get them at cheaper rates. Plus, you get the chance to choose from a variety of jar candle wholesale.

Different Types Of Candle Jars

Most professional candle makers opt for bulk candle vessels as it helps them save more. Using candle jars wholesale with lids is the best choice. This type of candle jar is great for gifting or selling.

There are many types of candle containers available in the market. Some of the popular options are:

  • Metal Jars

Metal jars are the most popular and versatile choice for candle enthusiasts. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs, making it easy to find one that complements your style. You should get bulk candle jars with lids to get them at a discounted price. One of the best candle jar suppliers is Malacware.

  • Mason Jars

Mason jars have become a trendy choice for candle-making. Their rustic charm makes them ideal for creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

It doesn’t matter what type of candle jar you buy. You should opt for candle jar bulk for profitable reasons.

  • Ceramic Jars

Ceramic candle jars are prized for their durability and unique artistic appeal. These jars feature intricate patterns, textures, and glazes that add an element of luxury to any space. 

These jars retain heat well, allowing the candle to burn evenly and for longer durations. You should buy bulk candle containers from Malacware, so you can get them at candle vessel wholesale price.

  • Metal Tins

Metal tins offer a more contemporary and minimalist look, making them a popular choice for modern home decor. These jars are lightweight and portable and typically made from brass, copper and steel.

Go for candle container wholesale or wholesale candle jars with lids to get them at better rates.

  • Concrete Jars

These jars provide a robust, sturdy candle base and feature unique textures or geometric designs. 

Concrete jars are known for their heat-resistant properties and can withstand higher temperatures, allowing for a longer burn time. Buying wholesale candle containers will be beneficial as it will help you save a good amount of money.

Final Words

Candle jars are any day, a better option than pillar or tapered candles. They are easy to clean and safe to use. If you want to make candles for gifting, go for jars for candles wholesale. You can buy bulk jars for candles from Malacware at the best rates.


Are all metal jars suitable for candles?

The preferable metals for candle jars are brass, copper and steel, these metals can withstand a heat.

What are the best jars to use for candle making?

Metal jars are the most popular choice among candle makers. They are unbreakable and much stable than regular glass jars.

Which bacteria grow in a candle jar?

Capnophilic is the bacteria that grows in candle jars. These bacteria require increased carbon dioxide and oxygen concentrations, which a candle jar can fulfill. Brass and copper metal have antibacterial property so it is wise to use brass and copper jars for the candles. 

Are candle jars heat-resistant?

Candle jars are made of heat-resistant materials that don’t crack from heating.