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Buy Wholesale Candle Snuffers at Best Price

The most common method of extinguishing a candle is blowing. However, this may not be the ideal or safest way to put out candles. If you consider yourself a candle enthusiast, you should use a candle snuffer. It is a handy tool that helps put out candles safely and without creating a mess.

A candle snuffer tool is even better than a wick dipper, which may add debris to your candle. You can put out a candle without making a mess or smelly smoke with a candle stopper.

The good thing is you can buy candle snuffers wholesale online. Sites like Malacware offer a variety of styles and materials to choose from. If you are intrigued to know more about candle snuffers, read the blog below.

What Exactly Is A Candle Snuffer?

A candle snuffer is a compact tool designed specifically for extinguishing candles. It has a long handle with a bell-shaped end. It is an easy-to-use tool that helps extinguish candles smoothly and safely.

To use this tool, you only need to place the cup gently over the candle’s top and press down. This action will cover the wick with liquid wax, ensuring it remains upright.

The benefits of using a candle stopper are many. Firstly, it prevents the wick from flopping over. Secondly, it helps to maintain a safe distance between the flame and your fingers. With a candle snuffer, extinguishing candles becomes a hassle-free process. 

If you seek a convenient and risk-free method to put out your candles, then a candle or wick snuffer is the right tool.

This tool is available in various shapes and designs for candle snuffers. For example, vintage candle snuffer, Swedish candle snuffer, antique candle snuffer, Pewter candle snuffer, and so on.

If you wish to buy candle snuffers online, we recommend you check out the Malacware site. They have the best candle snuffer designs to choose from.

How Do Candle Snuffers Work?

A Christmas candle snuffer is a handy tool that is used for putting out candles without resorting to blowing them out. Using an angel candle snuffer involves gripping the handle and positioning the bell-shaped end above the candle’s flame. You need to slowly lower the vintage brass candle snuffer until it entirely covers the flame. This cuts off the oxygen supply to the flame. With no oxygen supply, the flame eventually extinguishes. 

The bell-shaped tip of the antique brass candle snuffer prevents any wax or smoke from the wax to fly around. The clever design of a silver candle snuffer enables users to extinguish candles in a gentle and controlled manner. Additionally, it reduces the risk of potential accidents, smelly smoke, or wax drips.

Candle snuffers are especially advantageous for putting out taller candles. It also comes in handy when extinguishing containers or jar candles. The long handle of the snuffer allows you to reach the flame safely without getting too close to the flame. 

Candle stoppers provide a safer alternative to direct blows. It makes the process of extinguishing candles clean, and convenient.

Why Is a Candle Snuffer Necessary?

Are candle snuffers truly essential? Some of you may wonder why use a candle stopper when you can simply blow out a candle. After all, the latter is free.

However, there are several reasons for using a candle snuffer set. We will discuss those reasons in the lines below.

A Safe Alternative

Blowing out a candle can be a risky thing to do. There’s always a possibility of your hair, or clothing catching fire as you move closer to the flame.

When opting to blow out a candle, you need to be careful about the things that move forward with you toward the flame.

While it is entirely feasible to prevent igniting your hair or apparel by being careful when extinguishing a candle, using a wick snuffer further reduces the risks involved.

Limited Wax Splatter

Another advantage of using an antique candle snuffer is the prevention of hot wax splattering onto your face, hands, or the surface on which the candle is placed.

Blowing out a candle often requires more force than a gentle puff of air. This stronger wind can disturb the pool of melted wax, causing it to scatter in various directions.

Newer candles, in particular, have wax situated closer to the rim of the candle holder. This increases the risk of hot wax flying beyond the container’s edge. Hence, when opting to blow out such candles, you need to be extra careful.

On the other hand, using candle extinguishers ensures safety as it prevents the hot wax from landing on any part of your body or the surface beneath the candle.

Minimal Wax Debris

It is common knowledge that debris can ruin a peaceful candle-lit experience. These foreign objects can lead to an excessively high flame or cause it to sputter by making the flame burn hotter.

If a candle burns too hot, the wick might develop a mushroom-like shape, with soot accumulating on its tip. This soot falls and hardens into the hot wax when the flame is extinguished.

Even using a wick dipper to extinguish the candle flame can result in similar issues. Turning the wick into the wax and then lifting it to harden it might introduce charred bits of the wick into the hot wax. If this happens, it becomes difficult to remove it before the wax hardens. In some cases, the wick might even get buried if not promptly straightened.

All these complications can be avoided by choosing a candle snuffer silver. It extinguishes the flame without touching the wick. Additionally, it doesn’t cause any debris build-up. As a result, you can enjoy a cleaner and hassle-free experience.

Reduced Smoke Generation

Scented candles are known for their sweet aroma and fragrance. Candle lovers prefer to light scented candles for long hours to maintain a pleasant aroma in their room. 

However, blowing out the candle can result in smoky and unpleasant fumes, ruining the overall experience. Moreover, it’s counterintuitive to light a candle for fragrance and then have the space filled with smoke once you extinguish the flame.

To avoid this from happening, you should use a silver candle snuffer. While there might be a slight stream of smoke when using the sterling silver candle snuffer, it dissipates quickly into thin air. It doesn’t overpower the sweet fragrance of your candle.

Final Words

A candle snuffer is a convenient tool for putting out candles. With the help of this tool, you can extinguish any candle safely. It is a handy tool and is available in a variety of materials. Investing in this tool would be a good choice if you love burning candles.


Why is it better to use a candle snuffer?

You can put out candles safely and without creating a mess with a candle snuffer.

What material is best for a candle snuffer?

Brass candle snuffers are the best. But other materials such as aluminum, silver, or gold are also good.

Why were candle snuffers invented?

Candle snuffers were invented to cut off and retain the burned wicks of candles after the wax around them had melted. 

Why is it called a candle snuffer?

The word “snuff” comes from the Middle English word snoffe, which means “charred part of the candlewick.” To “snuff” the candle means to trim the wick.

Are candle snuffers safe?

Yes, candle snuffers are safe to use.

How do you clean a candle snuffer? 

You can clean a candle snuffer with hot water and a soft cloth.