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Wholesale Eco-Chic: Large Purple Enamel Tray Crafted from Recycled Aluminum for Home, Restaurants and Hotels


Product Code MTK-5041
Material Aluminum
Dimensions D-39 cm (15.3 inch)
Finish Enamel
Color: Light Purple
Customization Accepted
Product Type Serveware, Kitchenware
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MalacWare proudly presents its Large Purple Enamel Tray, meticulously crafted from recycled aluminum to elevate the dining experience in homes, restaurants, and hotels. Designed for high-end brands and discerning retail stores, this serveware piece combines style with sustainability for those who seek to make a statement with every detail.

Product Highlights:

– Striking Purple Enamel Finish: Captivate guests with the luxurious allure of our Large Purple Enamel Tray, adding a vibrant touch to any dining setting.

– Crafted from Recycled Aluminum: Embrace eco-chic design without compromising on quality. Our tray is expertly crafted from recycled aluminum, reducing environmental impact while exuding durability and charm.

– Versatile Size: Whether serving appetizers, displaying culinary creations, or organizing condiments, this large tray offers ample space for culinary creativity in homes, restaurants, and hotels alike.

– Ideal for High-End Brands and Retail Stores: Elevate your hospitality offerings with a premium serveware solution that resonates with environmentally-conscious consumers, enhancing your brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

Benefits for Retailers:

– Expand Your Eco-Friendly Product Line: Stand out in the market by offering environmentally-responsible products that cater to the growing demand for sustainable dining solutions.

– Elevate Dining Experiences: Partner with MalacWare to provide hospitality establishments with stylish and eco-chic serveware options that enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty.

– Enhance Brand Image: Showcase your commitment to sustainability and style by incorporating MalacWare’s Large Purple Enamel Tray into your product lineup, positioning your brand as a leader in eco-conscious dining.


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