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Chic and Green: New Style 2024 Kitchenware’s in Colorful Recycled Aluminum, Rectangular Serving Tray


Product Code MTK-5044
Material Aluminum
Dimensions L-34 cm (13.3 inch); W-17 cm (6.7 inch); H-5 cm (2 inch)
Finish Enamel
Color: Orange
Customization Accepted
Product Type Serveware, Kitchenware
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Step into the future of kitchen elegance with MalacWare’s Chic and Green 2024 Collection. Our Colorful Recycled Aluminum Rectangular Serving Tray is the epitome of style and sustainability, designed to elevate dining experiences in high-end homes, restaurants, and retail stores. Crafted with precision and passion, this serving tray is a testament to our commitment to innovation and environmental consciousness.

  • MalacWare leads the way in redefining kitchen aesthetics through sustainable practices and contemporary design. With our Chic and Green 2024 Collection, you can showcase your dedication to both style and eco-responsibility, setting new standards in the world of homewares and serve wares.
  • Product Highlights:
  • – Vibrant Color Palette: Infuse your kitchen with personality and flair with our Colorful Recycled Aluminum Rectangular Serving Tray, available in a range of captivating hues to suit any décor theme.
  • – Crafted from Recycled Aluminum: Embrace sustainability without sacrificing sophistication. Our tray is expertly crafted from recycled aluminum, reducing environmental impact while delivering durability and charm.
  • – Sleek
  • Rectangular Design: Enhance your serving presentations with the sleek lines and modern silhouette of our rectangular tray, offering versatility and style for any occasion.
  • – Ideal for High-End Brands and Retail Stores: Elevate your inventory with a chic and eco-friendly serving solution that resonates with discerning consumers seeking both elegance and sustainability.
  • Benefits for Retailers:
  • – Attract Eco-Conscious Consumers: Stand out in the market by offering products that reflect contemporary values of sustainability and style, appealing to a growing segment of environmentally-conscious shoppers.
  • – Expand Your Product Line: Partner with MalacWare to diversify your offerings with innovative and eco-friendly kitchen wares that cater to the evolving tastes of modern consumers.
  • – Enhance Brand Reputation: Showcase your commitment to environmental responsibility and cutting-edge design by incorporating MalacWare’s Chic and Green 2024 Collection into your retail lineup, positioning your brand as a leader in eco-chic homewares.


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