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How Long Does a Candle Last?

How Long Does a Candle Last

When you buy a beautiful luxury candle, you want it to last forever. Such candles can be a great addition to your home. They add a touch of charm and sophistication to your space while elevating the ambiance by just being there.

If you love to collect candles, it is worth knowing how long a candle lasts. We will answer this question in the post below.

How Long Do Candles Last?

A candle’s “burn time” refers to its duration to continue burning after being lit. This period is influenced by factors such as the wax type, the number of wicks, and the size of the candle. Typically, 12 oz. candles have an average burn time of around 80 hours.

However, when a candle remains unlit, its lifespan is primarily influenced by the type of wax used and the storage conditions.

In a nutshell, certain candles, like those made from paraffin wax, have the potential to last indefinitely when stored correctly. On the other hand, candles made from soy wax are best used within a year or two.

If you have a scented candle, you may wonder whether the scent will change or weaken over time. If the candle is colored, you might wonder if the color will eventually fade. Moreover, there may be a point when the candle expires and no longer ignites as expected.

Will Candle’s Scent Weaken?

Typically, the initial form of deterioration experienced by a candle is scent degradation.

Scent degradation refers to the gradual loss of the original fragrance in an unlit candle. This occurs due to the continuous evaporation of fragrance oil molecules from the wax into the surrounding air, even when the candle remains unburned.

You can observe this process by bringing an unlit candle close to your nose and taking a deep breath. Interestingly, this scent degradation process is the same underlying mechanism responsible for a candle’s cold throw.

The positive aspect is that scent degradation happens slowly and is hardly noticeable during the first 6 months to a year, depending on the wax type and the quality of fragrance oils utilized.

The downside, however, is that scent degradation is an ongoing process. Consequently, the longer you store an unlit candle, the less intense its fragrance will be when you eventually decide to burn it.

For those seeking to experience the most potent candle fragrance, burning it as soon as possible is advisable.

Do Candles’ Colour Fade?

This is the next form of candle degradation.

While pure white candle wax exudes an elegant charm when housed in a glass container, certain candle manufacturers incorporate dyes into their wax to create distinct vibes.

If you possess a candle with colored wax, it’s essential to remember that the color may fade with time. The primary cause of this fading is extended exposure to UV light, which triggers the deterioration of the dyes mixed into the wax. 

Hence, it is advisable to avoid storing unlit candles in places with direct sunlight or indoor lights that emit UV rays.

Predicting how long the color will endure in your candle wax is challenging. When stored appropriately in a dark location, the colors will maintain their vibrancy for a considerable duration. However, if you use the candle as a decorative piece, the fading process may be accelerated, depending on the type of light it encounters.

Additionally, the choice of dye used in the wax and the inclusion of UV-protectant additives by certain candle makers also play a role in determining the rate of color degradation.

Do Candles Have An Expiry Date?

When considering the longevity of a candle, the primary concern is whether it can still be easily lit. Some individuals may discover that a luxury candle, displayed on a shelf for years, has a wick that is difficult to ignite. Conversely, others might find that a candle stored in an attic for decades continues to burn splendidly.

Unlike perishable foods, candles do not have a fixed expiration date but undergo degradation over time. Eventually, they may become difficult to light or burn unevenly.

The lifetime of a candle is primarily determined by two factors: the storage method and the type of wax used.

Candles made from vegetable-based waxes like coconut and soy are more prone to breaking down over time. The wick may become clogged as they degrade, making it hard to light the candle. On the other hand, candles made from beeswax and paraffin are more stable and can last almost indefinitely if stored properly.

Final Words

To sum it up, the burn time of a candle will vary depending on the type of wax used, candle size, and number of wicks. To make your candles last longer, keep them away from direct sunlight, and store them in a dark and cool space.

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